Crown Conservation Will Soon Start Some Wildlife Photography and Research Projects

Who We Are & What We Do

Crown Conservation was created due to the rise in concerns over the impact a changing climate might have in North America and its three major watersheds.

Right now we are trying to determine how we can best do our part in preserving the environment and ensuring the great outdoors will be able to be enjoyed by generations and generations to come. 

Remote Wildlife Monitoring With Cellular Trail Cameras

Trail Cam World is one of our sponsors and will be providing trail cameras for some of the work we have planned.  Initially it will include projects that will use trail cams to photograph wildlife for research purposes.  The plan is to monitor wildilfe that are in some of the areas that have been affected the most by climate change.  We do expect the projects will change slightly as we go and gather more and more data.  

One of our first projects will involve tracking whitetail deer to learn more about how environmental factors such as the moon, weather, and more affect their movement and feeding activity.  

As a side note, we also plan to share as many trail camera photos as possible with the world.  

If you would like to get involved, please use our contact form or reach out to us at  

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