About CCCI

The Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative is governed by a Steering Committee of conservation groups, land trusts and academic institutions. We have a Science Advisory Committee that helps us focus on key priorities in the face of a changing climate. CCCI is administered by the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, but we remain an independent collaborative. In the interest of focusing vital resources where they are needed the most – on the ground, with the grassroots organizations doing conservation work – CCCI only retains one staff person, and a few contractors to serve our partners working around the Crown.

Our Steering Committee is comprised of

Peter Aengst (Interim Chair), The Wilderness Society

Ryland Nelson (Vice Chair), Wildsight

Michael Whitfield (Treasurer), Heart of the Rockies

Mike Fiebig, American Rivers

Wendy Francis (Past Chair), Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

John Bergenske, Wildsight

Brian Sybert, Montana Wilderness Association

Dr. Len Broberg, University of Montana

Sarah Bates, National Wildlife Federation

Erin Sexton, University of Montana Institute on Ecosystems

Justin Thompson, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Katie Morrison, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Lorne Fitch, The Alberta Habitat Management Society (Cows and Fish)

Stephen Legault is the Initiative Coordinator of the Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative.