Who We Are

The Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative (CCCI) is a collaboration between leading conservation organizations, land trusts and academic institutions, working together to protect the Crown of the Continent.

CCCI was formed in 2010 in response to concerns over the impact a changing climate would have in the headwaters of North America’s three great watersheds. Considered a climate-ark, The Crown has long been viewed as a critical landscape for protecting animals, landscapes and water.

CCCI developed a Climate Impacts Assessment for the Crown to understand what some of the possible changes might be occurring on the land as a result of a warming climate. From that, we developed a Conservation Agenda, outlining what steps we and our partners across the region might take to ensure the Crown remained a vital part of the conservation legacy for North America.

Today we work with First Nations, Tribes, government decision makers, businesses, industry and communities around the Crown on our key priority campaigns, helping to protect what the Blackfeet people have always called the Backbone of the World, and what we know as the water-tower of North America: the Crown of the Continent.