Moving Forward

We are currently mid-stream in our work to implement our Conservation Agenda. We are in the process of integrating our new understanding of the needs of large landscape conservation with the science of climate change.

In the next few years, CCCI and its partners will:

1. Undertake the second phase of our Climate Impacts Assessment. Phase One was descriptive, outlining the impacts of climate change on the Crown. Phase Two will be prescriptive, answering two critical questions:

a. What do we need to do throughout the Crown of the Continent to ensure that nature continues to thrive in the face of a changing climate, and

b. How do we implement conservation campaigns that incorporate the best thinking on how landscapes, cultures and communities adapt to climate change?

2. Continue to address non-climate related threats and increasing the resilience of Crown landscapes by working in partnerships, and across the international border.

3. Place a new emphasis on water and watershed conservation, as early indications from our Science Advisory Committee suggest that this will be where climate change creates the most stress on Crown ecosystems.

4. Develop and implement a new Crown-wide program that helps groups across the region integrate climate-adaptation learning into their conservation planning and communications programs.