CCCI’s Role

CCCI has had a significant positive impact on the conservation community it serves. We have developed the following unique niche in the Crown community. We have:

  1. Effectively organized grassroots activists, community members, tribal members and others around three critical climate science advised large landscape campaigns: the Whitefish Range in western Montana, the Badger-Two Medicine on the Rocky Mountain Front and the Castle Special Place in Alberta.
  2. Created a network of activists, scientists and leaders who work together effectively to implement climate science informed conservation across the Crown.
  3. Leading new efforts to communicate the impacts of climate change on the Crown, with a focus on empowering communities, Tribes, governments and others to be proactive.
  4. Leveraged new funding for Crown conservation. We have helped to bring new investments from foundations such as the Brainerd Foundation and the Wyss Foundation into the region. The Wilburforce Foundation and the LaSalle Adams Fund use our Conservation Agenda to guide their investments in the region. We have partnered with the Crown Roundtable on a multi-year commitment from the Kresge Foundation which has already yielded more than $200,000 in investments in climate adaptation in the Crown.
  5. Re-energized the work of activists and grassroots community members working to protect the Castle Special Place. Many credit our leadership with bringing that campaign to the international prominence it currently has.