A New Approach to Conservation

CCCI developed its Conservation Agenda based on the above eight principles. CCCI’s Steering Committee members and our partners are leading dozens of climate-focused conservation programs across the Crown. We have invested significant human and capital resources to meet these principals in the following ways:


How we approach conservation differently

1. Reduce pressures on species and ecosystems from sources other than climate change.

We have increased investment and pace of our work to address inappropriate logging, oil and gas (including fracking), mining and road-building pressures on the Crown.

2. Increase the extent and effectiveness of protected areas.


We have strengthened protection for Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park by tacking development pressures on adjacent lands and are working to create new protected areas to the east, west & south of these icons including expansion of the Flathead River Valley Campaign.

3. Enhance connectivity within and around the region.

We have addressed the need for increased focus on connectivity through our work to mitigate wildlife mortality on Hwys 3, 93 and elsewhere in the region.

4. Manage and/or restore ecosystem functions.


We have championed the Wilderness Society’s Southwest Crown Collaborative Project and its focus on restoring ecosystems in partnership with the US Forest Service, industry and community partners.

5. Consider the needs of keystone, indicator, and charismatic species.


We are tackling species extinction in the face of a changing climate by focusing on grizzly bears, bull trout, and west slope cutthroat trout habitat conservation in the Castle, Whitefish Range, the Flathead & the Badger-Two Medicine.

6. Access & apply the best available science and support or create effective monitoring systems.

We are leading and/or supporting citizen-based scientific monitoring programs in areas like the Swan Valley and throughout the Crown.

7. Engage communities to understand and discuss new challenges and create solutions.

We work with businesses, tribes, First Nations, industry and non-governmental partners to understand the impact of climate change and seek solutions

8. Collaborate at appropriate scales.

CCCI is leading the collaboration of multiple partnerships at scales appropriate to the challenges we face.