What We Do

The Crown Conservation Initiative (CCI) fills a unique niche by:

  • Shaping a landscape-scale vision of a healthy and intact Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) that informs conservation priorities of its member groups;
  • Providing climate change adaptation expertise to its member groups, leading to efficient and effective advancement of landscape-level climate adaptation strategies and actions; and
  • Effectively leveraging member groups’ existing program work to increase the pace and scale of conservation in the CCE.

CCI is governed by a Steering Committee of conservation groups, land trusts and academic institutions. Additionally, CCI also benefits from a Science Advisory Committee comprised of leading climate scientists in the region from the University of Regina, the University of Montana, the Wildlife Conservation Society and The Wilderness Society.

CCI is administered by its fiscal sponsor, the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, but remains an independent collaborative. In the interest of focusing vital resources where they are needed the most – on the ground, with the grassroots organizations doing conservation work – CCI only retains one staff person to serve our partners working around the Crown.