What We Do

The Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative addresses the changing climate in the Crown by working at the landscape scale, reducing non-climate threats, increasing the resilience of existing and new protected areas, and ensuring that those landscapes remain connected for wildlife movement.

Our approach was informed by the following: there are multiple scales at which climate change must be addressed. They include:

  • The policy level: where treaties, protocols and the direction of national, state and provincial governments are determined.
  • The consumer decision-making level: where energy efficiency and conservation play a role in reducing demand for greenhouse gas emitting energy sources and manufacturing techniques.
  • At the climate adaption level: where we work to ensure that, while policy is debated and implemented, and consumers gradually shift towards low emission life-styles, the life support systems of the planet found in its wildlands and wildlife are preserved.

It is at the climate adaptation level that CCCI works to address the climate change challenge: we protect, restore, and connect the natural landscapes of the Crown of the Continent in the face of a changing climate so that when the our nations finally start to reverse the trend of greenhouse gas emissions, there are natural landscapes left to fuel the recovery of our continental ecosystems.

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