Vision & Strategic Role

CCI’s vision is to sustain far into the future the Crown’s rich biodiversity of plant and animal life, interconnected wildlands, cold, clean waters, diverse and critical habitats, and landscape connectivity, while supporting sustainable and vibrant regional communities.

To achieve this vision, CCI will maintain our collaborative focus on accelerating the pace and scale of climate-smart conservation in the following ways:

  • Provide a unified voice for conservation: As a collaboration of the Crown’s leading conservation NGO entities, CCI is uniquely positioned to communicate the shared conservation goals of our member groups to key partners in the region, in particular our agency partners. CCI can serve as a one-stop shop for these partners to engage with our member groups on conservation issues of mutual concern.
  • Leverage successes to “raise the bar” for conservation across the Crown: CCI’s member groups engage sub-regionally on issues that are relevant across the Crown landscape. CCI will continue to use successes won in localized Crown sub-regions to “raise the bar” for conservation by leveraging those wins and partnerships to achieve additional conservation victories across the Crown.
  • Translate science to action: CCI has conducted innovative research to determine where conservation groups can most effectively address climate change impacts across the Crown. This research guides CCI’s existing program priorities (e.g. a focus on native salmonids and cold-water ecosystems, high-elevation whitebark/limber pine forests, meso-carnivore conservation and connectivity, expanding our protected lands network to conserve biodiversity under a changing climate, and restoring natural fire regimes). CCI will more explicitly engage member groups and our partners to effectively use this information to aggressively pursue climate-smart conservation related to these conservation priorities.

As with all of CCI’s work, these priorities are shaped by collaborative input. A strategic program assessment conducted in 2015, including a survey of CCI’s member organizations and partners (both conservation groups and agency partners) affirmed our important and unique role in helping to define, implement and defend a coherent, landscape-scale conservation vision for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

Survey respondents praised CCI for our ability to link science to action, and to seed, support and in some cases staff key conservation campaigns. Partners noted the important contributions CCI has made to helping all stakeholders understand the threat posed by climate change, as well as how to collaboratively identify climate-smart solutions. Partners called for CCI to leverage its climate change adaptation program as an important resource to inform and catalyze new NGO conservation advocacy and protection efforts in the Crown.