CCI plays a critical role among a variety of organizations and collaborative efforts in the Crown of the Continent region.  Our partners rely on us to provide opportunities and cutting edge science in order to shape their conservation priorities, expertise on climate change challenges, and to leverage landscape-scale action. Our partners include: 

Crown Adaptation Partnership

The Crown Adaptation Partnership (CAP) was launched in 2014 to expedite multi-jurisdictional action on issues of shared concern related to climate change adaptation. Led by the Crown Managers Partnership, the Crown Conservation Initiative, The Wilderness Society, and the Northern Rockies region of the U.S. Forest Service, CAP brings together managers and stakeholders across all jurisdictions to establish shared understanding of climate change threats, identify effective climate change adaptation strategies, catalyze management action, and enhance shared learning through an adaptive management approach. CCI was instrumental in the founding of this group.

Crown Managers Partnership

The Crown Managers Partnership is a transboundary collaborative entity comprised of land management agencies. As no single agency has the mandate, resources or scope to address climate change adaptation at the large-landscape scale, the CMP, through its Strategic Plan, is committed to facilitating and supporting collaborative actions by agencies, communities and stakeholders.

Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) is one of 22 LCCs in an international network established by U.S. Department of the Interior to advance collaborative landscape conservation. The GNLCC partnership is a network of U.S. federal, Canadian provincial and federal, tribal, state, academic, and conservation organizations working in an area that extends from interior British Columbia to southwest Wyoming. Working to achieve a collective landscape vision, the partnership implements a regional approach to address conservation issues across boundaries and jurisdictions by sharing data, science, and capacity. Within the GNLCC, the Rocky Mountain Partner Forum brings together field-level managers, scientists, and other conservation constituents to address the issues most pertinent to the Rocky Mountain region.

The Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent

The Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent is an ongoing forum that provides a unique opportunity to connect organizations and agencies that share a common commitment to the region. Through workshops, forums, policy dialogues, and conferences, the Roundtable provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, build relationships, and explore opportunities to work together to sustain the natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable landscape.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) is a joint Canada-U.S. nonprofit organization that connects and protects habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive. Y2Y serves as CCI’s fiscal sponsor.